Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Felt has been a new fun thing for us. I made 4 cups and 4 saucers for this teaset. I found the idea in a great book at the library, Toys to Sew.

Still working on rotating images. This is a lamp that we found that was brass, pitted, just yucky. Primed it an then the girls mixed up some paint for me. I taped it in the sections and they painted it. Works great next to the sofa for evening reading.

If you look closely, you can see the grease stain I was covering. These were my favorite khaki pants and I refused to throw them away until I found a remedy. I think they look better in real life than this picture.

Some embroidery, I can now see where I can make improvements to how I am doing this. I have made a few bookmarks as well- which I love because they are small and quick.

This is one of the hair ties I've recently made. I really like how fast and easy they are to make, don't take much fabric, have great elastic in the back and tie too!

This turned out nothing like I expected, but I am totally in love with it anyway!

Pinks, reds, a bit of green, gray, brown.

Blurry, but I was really hoping this would turn out with dark brown and a strong blue. Hmmm...still learning. At least I'm figuring out more about my technique. (of dying not photos)

2 skeins of green, I actually used blue and green dye, but most of the blue washes out. These are both the same color- over 400 yards. Does it want to be a skirtie or traded?
Here is a 'wristlet' pattern I found online. I did not attatch the wrist strap, although I wish I had. Next time. This is great, it fits keys, phone, wallet, scissors, thread, etc. I'm still learning zippers.