Wednesday, January 30, 2008

These are some stitch markers. I've officially made more than 100 of these- nothing special here. The point to note is that they are visible in the picture. This is the first time I've been able to use the camera well enough to actually photograph them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uh-oh. I just noticed this half used bar of soap is the last from the 30 or so bars I made more than a year ago. Time to make more. I could really use a buddy when doing this- anyone free?

Made these long ago, but I use them ALL the time. They are Montessori bead bars. Just thought I'd start sharing some of my 'educational type crafts'.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The theme for this birthday was the farm. Thanks to my recent hunt for farmyard yarns and Dana's gift of a barn. For the cake we had to comprimse. She wanted a cherry cake and a farm cake. See the piggy rolling in the mud? The funny thing is, we had a hard time convincing her those were really cherries and not tomatoes!

Here are some 'shorties'. They are soaker type shorts. I have included an enclosed elastic waist, crotch gusset, and rear short rows. Can you tell they are for a boy? Yarn dyed by me.

Not a voodoo doll, just a sad attempt at pattern writing. As it turns out, I'm not that good at it-obviously. Although, if I give him eyes he may be kinda cute.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The flower fairy fabric is really beautiful.

A bunch of soft denim bags. Each picture is actually a lined pocket on the front of the bag. These are all flower fairies. I made each one a different size which made them all fun to sew. I also used the serger for a few parts.

Here are a few more aprons headed for my shop, as soon as I can photo them better. Can you tell the blue ones have tools printed on them? I am pleased with how all of these turned out.

Abigail is so thin that even the small Brownie skort was floating on her. Here is my version of a skort. Although I had to add the heart stitching to the hem of the skirt part- too fun! This one fits great and I loved using the leftover alova suede from the diapers for something easy. Unfortunately this was the last bit I had, but I may start coming up with some new "Brownie" accessories.

Remember that hairpin lace loom? Well, here it is! Several yards of hairpin lace worked up so quickly! I really like the monthly knit nite themes. Some of the ladies are using this as trim on shawls and bags. One even had whole afghans made from this stuff. I have no idea what to do with mine. (yet)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not Craft Related, but super-duper important!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

This child's apron was fun and easy. I think I'm hooked. I've already cut out several more. Look for them in the etsy shop!

I may not look like much- hairpin lace anyone? On an adjustable loom? Can't wait to try this out. Why pay retail when you can drill into flexible high-temp. glue sticks and make your own? (Note: as you are drilling, the glue begins to melt and fly around the room, when it hits you it is still hot-and fast)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A few more diapers for the Baby Alive. These have extra absorbent centers and a waterproof outside-she is quite a drinker! A dear, wonderful, knitting friend gave me a beautiful old machine-straight stitch only, but I am so glad to hear the purr of a machine again!

What do I do with leftover breakfast? Throw it in a bowl with a box of cake mix and make cookies, of course!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A lovely Florida scarf