Friday, December 28, 2007

A big, scary, thread sucking Christmas gift for me. I'm not sure if I am ready for this kind of machine...

Serger. I tried and failed. Then tried again. Failed, and broke 2 threads. After an hour of rethreading, I was to the point where I could actually turn it on. Then came the fabric. After much intimidation, I am so SUPER excited!! In no time at all I had a pile of 20 washcloths! Some flannel, terry, and yummy velour.

Not my creation, but I'm in awe. Handpainted shirt of the "kindness" fairy. Handmade, sanded, and painted blocks and box. I am clearly just a crafter.

Buttermints. These were easy and yummy! Next year, maybe we will try the molds for shaping. (The crumblies are from taking a pic of the bottom of the bowl, they were heaping.)

Tote bag. The photo does not show off this beautiful fabric enough!!

A set of snuggly pillowcases for a friend.

A couple of matching nightgowns. I keep using the same size pattern each year for Abigail, just longer, and longer...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2 nightgowns. The shiny one I started last year for Cmas.

2 embroidered pillowcases, worth all the time they took. I think they turned out absolutely beautiful!!
For those that like tea, but don't like to dig in the bottom of a purse to find a cruddy bag.

This is a little box. Nice for keeping little stuff in on top of a dresser. I used peltex to hold the shape. The fabric is perfect for a grandpa.

4 pairs of shorts for the man of the house. 2 football prints and 2 stretchy soft cotton rib knit. You can see the stabilizer still on the green, but that will wash away.

"sock" Not actually a sock, but a pack full of rice to keep in the freezer or heat in the microwave. I've only made rectangles before, stars are fun!

Furry purse with button and belt. Cmas gift.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The black carrier is our current favorite, and now it has a whole new look! So much fun to look through the remnants- I think this one cost 41 cents.

I am pleased to be making covers instead of entire carriers. The colors are off in the picture, but they really go together well.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baby Sarah finally has a new dress. More scraps used up! These bananas are left from an outfit I made for Abigail to wear to Hannah's Hawaiian birthday party last year.

My favorite thing to do with scraps is make these neat-o fabric envelopes/pouches. I have officially run out of ideas of what to do with them. I just love to make small things with scraps anyway.
The last, hopefully, soft structured carrier. Blue straps on this one. The more you do, the easier it gets, but really- how many of these do we need?

Friday, December 7, 2007

I am in love with the soft-structured carriers! Here is another with black straps. I've made tan straps and black straps now, with blue on the machine. I have now learned about making covers or "skins" for them so I don't have to make a whole new carrier- just a fashionable cover.

More diapers of course. These are kinda cute!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is a beautiful hand dyed rayon yarn. Not done by me. The most expensive yarn I've ever purchased, intended for a special Christmas gift. Never underestimate the power of a child's tantrum. After 72 hours of active untangling, it is still in this state. The effort will have to continue after the holidays. Budget does not allow to replace it- another opportunity to get creative and come up with something else.

A quick dolly diaper- "baby Sarah"- goes everywhere with us. I used a scrap from one of Katherine's favorite diapers so they would be matchies. I used a plain color on the inside so it is easy for little hands to figure out and put on independently. I would love to make "baby Sarah" a new dress because her's is shredded and repaired from so much travel. I have not come up with a pattern for such a small project-yet.

Above the cabinets in my kitchen. Someone asked me what I do with my tiny leftover balls. Here they are, beautifully displayed. I often dig through these jars when looking for something to make a small project.

Another unfinished project. A leaf lace sweater to match the shorts- I cannot find the motivation to finish. Feel free to send me the motivation.