Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here is my first attempt at embroidery. Katherine has this very cute shirt with a simple little bird in the center. The shirt was in the wash at the time, so I used a made up pattern. The thing appears large but fits easily in the palm of my hand. (I have small hands) I'd love to put little birds on her plain shorts and t-shirts. There was a super duper book at the Bonita library, Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches. I totally love that book and want to own it! I was reading online about redwork, a form of embroidery done long ago with red cotton thread. http://www.prettyimpressivestuff.com/redwork.htm This link is where I started. I spent another hour finding out more, there was also bluework. I did not research that much, seemed similar, from an earlier time period. I'll look into it more when I have more interest. Can't wait to find some plain white dishtowels.

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