Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not Craft Related, but super-duper important!

Please help Barbara Harper keep waterbirth aliveWaterbirth International may close doors. Miraculously, wemade payroll today, but we can't hang on much longer. We need a miracle.If I need to call every single waterbirth parent personally, I will. Idon't want 25 years of work to end over a measly $200,000.The work that we have done the last few years has been phenomenal. How God arranged for me to teach in hospitals and medical schools around the planet- Taiwan, Venezuela, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Holland, Portugal, China,Trinidad, Croatia - I'll never figure that out. Think about what you can do and call me if you want to chat or if you havesome great ideas on how we can quickly move into the black and keepwaterbirth alive and thriving.We need your help. Barbara Harper needs your help. The waterbirth/gentlebirth movement needs your help.Blessings,BarbaraBarbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCEFounder/DirectorWaterbirth Internationalwww.waterbirth.org503-673-0026 -office (out of US or in Portland)800-641-2229 - toll free

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