Friday, April 17, 2009

My first 'real' quilting project. This is a wall hanging. I am really impressed that it came out at all worthy of being on a wall. All those wonky edges in the binding are not the photography- they really look that way. I have loads of room for improvement on the binding part. These are called log cabin squares and were not so hard to make. I started with hand quilting, then went to machine quilting just for the speed of it. I also could have used different batting to make the hand quilting easier. I will definitely start another, small, fun, quilting project.


MamaK said...

hey Jerri! A baby quilt or placemats would be an excellent small project :) I love to see what you're coming up with... lots of great projects here. Tell the gals I say hi!

Soup said...

Wow! Prettier than anything I've ever finished! Love the dark blue contrast with the white flower petals.