Monday, June 8, 2009

Here are some lovely goodies that I won from another crafty blog! What fun! Now the advertising: was hosting a bloggy giveaway, so bloggers picked out some stuff to send off to happy new homes. Then people commented on how wonderful said item was. Then a comment was chosen and voila! Along comes some beautiful yarn and other goodies! The bag is a beautiful linen type fabric has an little cute pocket inside with a nifty label and snaps at the top. I am going to find a way to knit while pushing the stroller, because the bag hangs perfectly from the handle. Those snaps are a great idea!
Holly Hobbie wants to be something fun, not just a pincushion (which is all I can think of right now).
Next time, I'm going to submit my blog.
Thank you so much Erika of !!!! Check out her blog!

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