Monday, May 11, 2015

 Over the years, my sewing area has changed many times. Usually due to moving to different houses. This time a change was needed because our family has grown. Again. In every instance, my machine has been set up and always ready for use in the main action area of the house. When it was time for this change it still needed to be where I am, so I can sneak in even a few stitches at a time. Our house is woefully short on storage space so we have armoires in each room. This one is in the living room.

I put a peg board along the back wall for all of my supplies. They are easy to grab and use. This unit is intended for a television, so there are a few outlets right inside. I have a lamp in there for late night sewing. The machine is on a part that slides out so I can sit on one of our bar height chairs if I have time for a longer project. Usually I just stand.
Here it is closed. No kiddos bother it. The drawers and bottom cupboards are full of crayons, puzzles, and other kiddo arts & crafts. On the outside are our 3 favorite family rules.

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