Sunday, May 4, 2014

I don't usually post things that are unfinished but this is a great exception. This yarn is spectacular to work with! This sock is finished, but I'm still working on its mate. I do hope to be able to have enough left over for baby sized socks to match- and enough time to finish them!



Lisa S. in FL said...

Fabulous sock! What a yarn find. As for baby socks, I wonder if they will look as watermelony because the stripes will be different on a much smaller foot. Maybe you'll have enough for toddler or girl socks. Maybe little mittens would stripe right?

Jerri said...

You are a step ahead of me! Actually, that is just what happened yesterday when I was working on the first baby sock. I'll rip it out and start a hat instead. Baby hats made with sock yarn and tiny needles take such a long time.